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Makeshift Parachutes’ EP lures listeners into an ambient and surreal dream world with its spellbinding creative expression. Songwriters Sharif O’Connor (guitar/keys) and Daniel O’Connor (bass/vocals) along with drummer Arthur Brewer and Chris McCollum (vocals/guitar), deliver a wealth of layers, vibrations and textures in their innovative sound combinations. Their musical compositions are both honest and refreshing. McCollum’s saintly vocals polishing the albums poetic lyrics to a T. The time and effort put into creating “Mr. Happy” is evident with its personalized and distinctive indie rock flavour. Although short, the five track, 21 minute bohemian rhapsody has no shortage of psychedelic waves or lengthly instrumental interludes. The skill of being able to entice and captivate its listeners into another realm is impressive. This Auckland based foursome should easily be on your list of bands to see live in the new year.”

Dee Muir

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Makeshift Parachutes hosted a "blowout show and party at Auckland's Neck Of The Woods" to release for their new futuristic single "King Eeyore's Xanax Party" in May 2018. They are currently in the studio analog recording their 3rd album with a single and video release planned for October 2018 and the album release at the end of 2018. The four piece psychedelic rock band formed in 2013 and they’ve been doing shows in Austin, Texas, and toured around New Zealand. Makeshift Parachutes' music has been described as a psychedelicate thunderstorm encompassing powerful rhythms and soft melodies intertwining strong bass riffs with lush guitar, slide, a touch of synth, and spacey vocals. The four piece band consisting of Sharif O'Connor (guitar/keys), Daniel O'Connor (bass/vocals), Christian McCollum (vocals/guitar) Arthur Brewer (drums/keys). Apart from their Mr. Happy EP they have released one the studio album ‘Fiction has Evolved”. 

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